Formulating With VitaCholine

A Guide to Fortifying Products With VitaCholine

VitaCholine provides important nutritional value to a wide range of food, beverage and supplement products. First and foremost, it’s flavorless, highly bioavailable and is stable from process through finished product, even at high temperatures. In addition to helping to maintain overall health, here are just a few of the specific roles of choline in the body:

  • Limits fat accumulation in the liver
  • Helps optimize memory and cognitive function
  • Defends against homocysteine
  • Reduces fatigue and increases endurance
  • Optimizes infant brain development
  • Reduces stress during pregnancy

With such a broad range of health benefits, it’s easy to see how VitaCholine can add value to a variety of finished products.

VitaCholine is available in a number of different choline salts such as choline chloride, choline bitartrate and choline dihydrogen citrate, each of which has advantages in different applications. For tableted supplements, choline bitartrate is the best choice. When it comes to food and beverages, there are a number of considerations in selecting the right type of choline for specific applications.

Our scientists have extensive experience working with all choline forms and are available to partner with you on optimizing a food, beverage or supplement for success.