Cardiovascular Health

As you age, you want your body to be in top shape so you can continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.  But many older adults suffer from elevated homocysteine, an ordinary cellular waste product that, when accumulated, is associated with negative impact on both heart and brain health.  Think of your body as a performance car – take good care of it and in return it will keep you moving and will get you where you want to go for years and years.

Getting enough choline is one of the more important things you can do for your body.  Here are just a few of the ways that choline may help improve cardiovascular health:

  • Reduces Waste: Choline defends against accumulation of homocysteine, a pro-oxidant that literally contributes to ‘spot rust’ in your body.
  • Mitigates Systemic Inflammation: Choline may be an important factor in regulating cellular inflammation – recent studies showed that people with the highest choline intakes had lower levels of inflammatory markers in their blood.

One specific way you can help maintain a strong, healthy heart is to limit your sodium intake.  According to the American Heart Association website, “sodium increases blood pressure in some people because it holds excess fluid in the body, creating an added burden to your heart. Blood pressure rises with age, and eating less sodium now will help curb that rise and reduce your risk of developing other conditions associated with too much sodium, such as stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, and kidney disease.  In spite of this fact, most people consume about 3,400 milligrams of sodium a day — more than twice the 1,500 milligrams recommended by the American Heart Association.”

You already know that choline has many health benefits, but did you know that choline chloride can also help replace up to 30% of the sodium needed in many processed foods?  We’ve worked with many manufacturers to develop heart-healthy alternatives that reduce sodium content by using choline chloride so keep an eye out for it on the label of your favorite product.